After a fantastic actuarial career including as Chief Actuary of Australia's largest financial institution, I now devote my passion to The Caretaker's Messiah, and to feature film script writing.

Currently being shopped by Voyage Media logo Media in Los Angeles,
The Caretaker's Messiah uses the iconic music of G.F.Handel's "The Messiah" to trace the journey of a man from despondent emptiness following the long-ago deaths of his baby boy and his wife, to his regaining hope, faith and joy through nursing an injured bird back to health.

Other Script Titles include:

  • Sci-Fi: Enemy Within
  • Drama: Unwanted
  • Drama: Ugly Justice
  • Drama: Morning View
  • Drama: Hard Cause Hud
  • Sci-Fi: Daniel's Dangerous Device
  • Sci-Fi: The Internet of Things
  • Drama: Grace - full of life

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