A Musical Fantasy

God adores music!
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In iconic Sydney Opera House, daydream: Prophesise in wild places. Adulate a new-born. Suffer with Jesus. Rise to the Gate of Heaven. Return in triumph. End the world. Adulate God himself.

A fantasy? Maybe not.

completed screenplays

(if screenplays are ever completed)

MORNING VIEW: A young orphan jackaroo resents charity and the new owners of "Morning View", the thing he thought he most desired.

UNWANTED: A schoolboy hero has to overcome his demons to help his peers and bereaved parents.

UGLY JUSTICE: If he cannot control his passion for revenge, awakened memories of childhood abuse will destroy a young executive.

WEAK CAPPUCCINO: His quest to get a girlfriend makes a young office worker a prime terror suspect.

ideas waiting to leap onto the page

GRACE, FULL OF LIFE: A dying woman must keep herself alive long enough to see her grandchild.

SACRILEGE: The world's most famous, most loved composer is about to commit grand blasphemy.

SYMPHONY No9: A Sci Fi musical fantasy exploring when everything runs out.

THE 12 SEASONS: Australia as seen by Vivaldi.

ROLE MODELS: Bad behavior at the leading professional services firm.