Big and heartfelt "Thanks" to those who have been particularly supportive of my projects, even when it might not have been to their taste.


  • Wife, Mother, unfailing support.
  • Harsh but fair critic.
  • Proof reader extraordinare.
  • (Mostly) tolerant of my computing and timetable foibles.
  • Does not laugh at my jokes.


  • Enthusiastic supporter over many moons.
  • Straight-shooting critic. Says what has to be said.
  • Generous with her time and ideas.
  • Key networker for me.


  • Long-time enthusiast.
  • Networker extraordinare.
  • Generous with her time and ideas eventhough furiously busy.
  • ... and always smiling.

V. E. & M.

  • Give me lots of excuses to come out of my cave and see the sun.
  • Keep reminding me there are multiple perspectives.
  • Allow me to vicariously recapture such of my youth as I care to.
  • And now give me helpful suggestions.

Thanks guys.