Panda Club Games of Throne

Loaded 6 August 2015.

Baby Bears Behaving Badly

As near the last event on our spectacular Chinese holiday with the authoritative "Moldy", everyone was looking forward to the Pandas.

We were scheduled to drive 3 hours out of Chengdu to see them in a natural reserve ... but we all got lazy and decided to see them in the breeding facility right in Chengdu, the panda Chengdu Panda Base , and we were not disappointed. We were early so it was uncrowded and we must have seen 20 individual pandas, adult and adolescent, before we got the the cub enclosure. And these little ones were undoubtedly, the stars of the day.

Giant Pandas are an WWF logo endangered species

Kings of the Castle?

With one exception, every Giant Panda we had seen was either sleeping, or lying on it's back feeding it's face. The exception was a big adult male who was pacing out the boundaries of his enclosure.

The eight or so cubs, on the other hand, were having a full-on, all-out, take-no-prisoners battle for control of the display platform.

We watched them for about 20 minutes, during which time there was no let up. Amazingly boisterous. And just like watching a pack of human cubs on a pirate ship or other park installation, just not quite as noisy.


So I had heaps of fun footage of the cubs attacking each other, or defending hard-won territory, or scaling ramparts for a sneak attack, but how to make it more interesting? Clearly it needed an epic soundtrack.

Once more off to logo , this time making sure I picked up sounds that had no partial copyright encumbrances. Thanks heaps to "cheesepuff"  for "rising tension" and "suspense background", and to "Joshuaempyre" for "Epic Orchestra Loop" . With a bit of pushing and shoving, these three items gave me enough to score the cubs' battles on the epic scale they deserved.

Games of Throne

Well obviously I wanted to call this mighty "King of the Castle" romp "Game of Thrones". But not wanting a ton of HBO logo  copyright bricks descending on me, I went for another name. Yes, I'm a Wikipedia logo wimp .


So I hope you enjoy watching these little larrikins play their "Games of Throne", and the epic music it has been set to.

The Earthmaps used for the fly-in / fly-out sequences can be found at NASA logo Visible earth  specifically Blue Marble  along with a whole lot of other goodies.