The Graphic Handel's Messiah - A Musical Fantasy:

Loaded 9 February 2022.

Now we get serious

This is a straight-out double up with PROJECT MESSIAH , but too good, and important, to not trumpet.

Five Blocks? Or 30 Chapters?

The "realisation" journey of producing "The Graphic ..." started out with 30 chapters, each covering one aria or chorus, sometimes with a recitative thrown in.   And that's exacly how things got underway, all the way up to Chapter 6.

Then an invitation to submit something to a film festival got me thinking about where I was up to and how to package it better and ...   Bingo ...   The 30 chapters merge themselves into five "story blocks" for the whole of MESSIAH: Prophesy, Ministry, Passion, Promise and Eternity.   Much simpler and clearer!


PROPHESY consists of the first nine chapters of "The Graphic ...", first showing us a surprise visitor being admitted to the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House, by an equally surprising person, before some magic happens and we're transported out into the world where a small crew of the performers lead us through the prophesies of the soon-coming Messiah, and right up to the farm shed where he's about to be born.

A "Graphic" style animation

The technique used here is a very simple style of animation, more akin perhaps to comic books and graphic novels, but which still manages to allow a visual outcome that supports, and hopefully enhances, the grandeur of the music.   It remains to be seen whether it can stand up against the barrage of better animations that now flood the market.

... although, early indications are ...

Woo-hoo. A win! ... or two

Stoked to learn that PROPHESY has been awarded "Best Animation Film" in the Monza Film Fest logo Monza Film Festival February / March 2022 round Monza Laurel AND has been selected for the 2022 Global Indie Film Fest logo Global Indie Film Fest GIFF Laurel